5 Best Jewelry Cleaners For White Gold And Diamonds

White Gold is popular for its attractive brighter look. When it looks awesome with diamonds. It is special for sparkling nature. White gold jewelry is commonly used for parties and wedding. White gold is nothing but the gold which coated by the  Rhodium.

5 Best Jewelry Cleaners For White Gold

When you are using white gold regularly the gold will fade off and turn into the dull looking jewel. For that, you no need to worry since there is a lot of techniques to get back the shine of your white gold and diamond.

How to clean the white gold and diamonds at home?

You can simply clean your white gold and diamonds in the home itself. There are some household items helps you to clean the white gold. It will make the miracles on cleaning. Here are some tips to clean the white gold.

Soap and water: Prepare the soap and warm water solution and soak the white gold for some minutes. You will get the instant brightness.

Soda with salt: Take some soda and add the pinch of salt. Soak your white gold into the solution.

Similarly, Ketchup, ammonia, windows cleaner, beer and vodka has the ability to brighten the white gold.

Are you looking for the white gold and diamond jewelry cleaner?

If you are looking for the professional jewelry cleaning, you can select the best white gold and diamond jewelry cleaner from the below-listed products. With hundreds of jewelry cleaner, I have listed some of best cleaner in the market. Here is a YouTube video that illustrating the cleaning process of white gold rings. 

1) GemOro 0362 Black Diamond Brilliant Steam Cleaner

Are you looking for the best white gold and diamond cleaner? Use the GemOro 0320 Black Diamond steam cleaner is special equipment for effective and powerful cleaning. This black design body comes with the large capacity steamer that provides the high steam pressure to clean the white gold diamond faster.

It is designed with the dual indicator LED such as blue and green LED. Blue LED light blinks when the steamer is started. A green light glows when the streamer is ready for cleaning. It comes with the removable cleaning basket and reversible ON/OFF switch.

The steam tank will be filled by the normal tap water. Turn ON the switch to start steaming. Put the white gold to be cleaned in the basket. It will pour the steam water on the ring with high pressure. You will get back the sparkling diamond jewel.

Check out the below video for the complete review of GemOro steam cleaner.


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Indicating lights allows you to monitor the process.
Our #1 Pick:GemOro 0362 Black Diamond Brilliant Steam Cleaner

Special Feature:

It has designed with blue and green LED light indicator.

Key features:GemOro 0362 Black Diamond Brilliant Steam Cleaner

+ dual LED indicator,

+ 50 PSI pressure.


+ sleek design,

+ compact.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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2)  Mikayoo Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaning Machine

Mikayoo  Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner features with 5 level of time setting that allows you to set the time from 90, 180, 300, 480 & 600 seconds. It designed with the automatic shut-off option. When it reaches the time level it will shut OFF automatically.

It produces 40,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for perfect cleaning. It does not damage your white gold. The vacuum cleaning cleans the jewel perfectly. The attractive color combination of blue with white makes the product unique. The heating tank comes with 600 ml capacity to hold the water.

The basket is made of stainless steel. It assures the professional cleaning experience every time. The construction of the product finished with the advanced Moisture-proofed PCB that assures the durable and safe use.


  • It comes with 5 level time setting that allows you to set the time based on the jewel quantity.
  • The Automatic shut off ensures the electricity conservation.
Our #2 Pick:Mikayoo Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaning Machine

Special Feature:

It has five level time setting.

Key features:Mikayoo Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaning Machine

+ 40,000Hz ultrasonic sound wave,

+ 5 preset cleaning system.


+ moisture proof,

+ durable.


+ Poor design.

Our Rating: [usr 4.2 size=20]

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3) FAMILIFE NEW Ultrasonic Cleaner

Do you need deep, effective and professional cleaning for your diamond? If yes, Use this FAMILIFE ultrasonic cleaner which provides excellent cleaning option. The unique feature of this product is, it cleans jewels for automatic 3 minutes. When the cleaner reaches 3 minutes it will shut off automatically.  

It has the capacity to produces 42000 Hz ultrasonic sound waves around the jewels and ensures the perfect cleaning. It not only cleans but also removes the bacteria from your jewels.

So you can simply set it and forget it. You can fill the tank with water and add some amount of soap or detergent for perfect cleaning. Now you can turn ON the cleaner. This compact design comes with the dimension of 5.90×3.54×2.16inch that assures portability.


  • Simple and portable.
  • It removes bacteria from the jewels.
  • Automatic 3 minutes ensures the electricity conservation.
Our #3 Pick:FAMILIFE NEW Ultrasonic Cleaner

Special Feature:

It controls the electricity conservation.

Key features:FAMILIFE NEW Ultrasonic Cleaner

+ automatic 3 minute cleaning cycle,

+ 42000khz ultrasonic sound waves.


+ durable,

+ digital display.


+ Low efficiency.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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4) HDE Cordless Ultrasonic Jewelry & Denture Cleaner

HDE Cordless Ultrasonic Jewelry is the wireless portable white gold jewelry cleaner that runs on the 2 x AA batteries. This simple design assures the portability. With the help of this cleaner, it is easy to clean your valuables such as diamonds, gold and silver bracelets, watches, rings, and chains.

This simple home kit has the capacity to produce 5800 waves per second sonic vibration for fast cleaning. The tank is made of transparent plastics that allows you to view the cleaning process clearly.  


  • The wireless option makes the product unique.
  • sleek and Portable
Our #4 Pick:HDE Cordless Ultrasonic Jewelry & Denture Cleaner

Special Feature:

It is free from BPA and so it offers proper and healthy good.

Key features:HDE Cordless Ultrasonic Jewelry & Denture Cleaner

+ 2 AA battery,

+ wireless option.


+ cordless,

+ portable.


+ Ineffective buttons.

Our Rating: [usr 4.2 size=20]

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5) ToolUSA Deep-Ultrasonic Energy Jewelry Cleaner

Use the ToolUSA Deep Ultrasonic Energy Jewelry cleaner for fast cleaning experience. It will get back the sparkling and brightness of your white gold in the first wash. It features with the 30 minutes automatic shut off for electricity conservation. You need to do add the water and soak white gold and diamonds inside the basket and turn ON the cleaner. It will do the rest of cleaning process.

The attractive design comes with the measures of 4.5″ Dx 4″ Hx 1.5″ Deep. The cleaner runs for first 15 minutes and it shut off automatically. Then it starts to run within moments for next 15 minutes. You can take out your sparkling and brighten white gold without any damage.


  • It comes with the automatic 30 minutes that assures the durability.
  • Compact and sleek design.
Our #5 Pick:ToolUSA Deep-Ultrasonic Energy Jewelry Cleaner

Special Feature:

It has automatic 30 minutes shutoff for save the electricity.

Key features:ToolUSA Deep-Ultrasonic Energy Jewelry Cleaner

+ automatic shutoff,

+ green light indicator.


+ comfortable,

+ saves power.


+ Battery powered.

Our Rating: [usr 4.3 size=20]

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Maintaining white gold is the Challenge one. You can not simply keep the jewel in the drawer if it gets the dull look. By using this above listed jewelry cleaner you can simply clean and get back the original sparkling and brighten the look of your white gold and diamonds.

Every product has its own unique features. You can select the best jewelry cleaner by comparing its features and specifications.  You can also search for more products on the internet. I hope this article will helped you to choose the right one.

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