How To Clean Diamond Rings?

Making promises, engagement and wedding with your soulmate can not be perfect without the diamond ring. Diamonds are made spread the love and joy between you and your lovable one. A diamond ring can change your mood and it can be used to convince your partner if there is a misunderstanding happened.

How To Clean Diamond Rings?

Diamond is a precious, hardest metal that can cut the rocks and other metals. To make the diamond shiny it should be heated to 1290-1650 degrees F temperature. I’m sure that nobody can dislike the diamond. But it’s hard the maintain the diamond the sparkling after purchasing it.

The ring will get dull if you work more in outdoor or kitchen. But everyone wants to wear the sparkling diamond ring always. Here are some tips to maintain the diamond ring.

How to clean the diamond ring?

Cleaning your diamond ring is important. It is not so difficult, you can do this at your home itself. If you want your diamond to be sparkled always then you have clean it regularly. Here I would like to suggest some of the diamond cleaning methods for your reference.

Step #1: Soap and Warm water

This is a simple method for instant sparkling. It can be done home itself.  It does not matter in which metal embedded with the diamond it is suitable for all metals. For this cleaning method, you will need warm water and soap.

To prepare the solution take some warm water in a small bowl and add soap and mix well. You will get a copy foaming solution. Now you soak your ring about 20 to 30 minutes. All dirt from the ring will be removed. Now you can get your sparkling diamond ring.

Step #2: Using Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Hydrogen peroxide has the ability to clean the metal and it gets back the original shiny and sparkling property. For this method, you will need some hydrogen peroxide solution. Take the solution in a bowl and soak your diamond ring for 30 minutes.

It will remove the dirt and kill the bacteria. After soaking scrub your ring gently with the help of the soft toothbrush. It will remove the residues from the ring. Now you can clean it with normal water.

Step #3: Cleaning with Vinegar solution

Vinegar is the citric acid that has the ability to remove the dullness of the metal. To prepare the vinegar solution you need some warm water and two teaspoon vinegar. After preparing solution soak your diamond ring in the solution and clean it with the toothbrush. Now you can get the sparkling diamond.

Step #4: Cleaning with Ketchup

Are you wondering? Yes, I know you will. Even ketchup can clean the diamond ring. Take some ketchup in a bowl and soak your ring inside of it. After sometimes take it outside and scrub with the toothbrush. Finally. clean it with the lukewarm water.

Step #5: Diamond Ring Cleaner

If you want the perfect cleaning for your diamond ring you can also the diamond ring cleaners. Diamond ring cleaners are electronics item which can perfectly clean your Diamond ring. But nowadays choosing the best diamond cleaner is quite difficult since there are hundreds of diamond ring cleaners available in the market. Here I have listed out the best diamond cleaner for your quick selection.

Here is a YouTube video that explains how to clean the diamond rings.

1) GemOro 0362 Black Diamond Brilliant Steam Cleaner

GemOro 0320 Black Diamond steam cleaner is special equipment for cleaning your diamond with ease. It gives the professional cleaning look to the diamond. This attractive black design comes with the large capacity steamer that provides the high steam pressure to clean the diamond faster.

It is equipped with the green and blue indicator LED. Blue Led light indicates when the steamer is heating. Green light indicates when the streamer is ready. It comes with the detachable cleaning basket and manual ON/OFF switch. Normal tap water is used for steaming.

The pink tank will be filled by the water. When the switch is ON it’s started heating. Now you can hold the ring by the ring holder and turn ON the steamer. It will pour the steam water on the ring with high pressure. You will get back the sparkling diamond ring.

Check out the below video to know how this steam cleaner works on diamond rings.


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Indicating lights allows you to monitor the process.
Our #1 Pick:GemOro 0362 Black Diamond Brilliant Steam Cleaner

Special Feature:

It has designed with blue and green LED light indicator.

Key features:

+ dual LED indicator,

+ 50 PSI pressure.


+ sleek design,

+ compact.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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2) Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner ensure the professional cleaning experience. It cleans the dirty diamonds, eyeglass, watches and so on. It uses tap water to clean the diamond.

It has the capacity to produce 42000 Hz ultrasonic waves on the water for powerful cleaning. It does not make any harm to your diamond.

The control panel comes with the attractive input options such as LCD Display, ON/OFF and set button. The Set button used to set up the temperature level based on the accessories. It contains small holed basket that can be dipped in the water. You can put your diamond ring inside the basket and set the temperature and forget about it. The rest of the cleaning will be done by the cleaner.

Here is a YouTube video that contains the review of Magnasonic Professional Cleaner.


  • Sound indicator that indicates when the cleaner reaches the temperature level.
  • Compact and portable.
Our #2 Pick:Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Special Feature:

It has a sound indicator to notify the temperature level.

Key features:

+ 42000hz ultrasonic sound wave,

+ sound indicator.


+ easu to operate,

+ portable


+ not well made.

Our Rating: [usr 4.2 size=20]

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3) FAMILIFE NEW Ultrasonic Cleaner

FAMILIFE ultrasonic cleaner provides the deep, effective and professional cleaning for your diamond. It produces 42000 Hz ultrasonic sound waves around the jewels and ensures the perfect cleaning. IT also uses the normal tap water. It not only cleans but also removes the bacteria from your jewels.

The idea features of this product are it cleans jewels for automatic 3 minutes. When the cleaner reaches 3 minutes it will shut off automatically. So you can simply set it and forget it. You can fill the tank with water and add some amount of soap or detergent. Now you can turn ON the cleaner. This compact design comes with the dimension of 5.90×3.54×2.16inch that assures portability.

Check out the below attached video that shows the review of FAMILIFE NEW cleaner.


  • Simple and portable.
  • Removes bacteria from the jewels.
  • Automatic 3 minutes ensures the electricity conservation.
Our #3 Pick:FAMILIFE NEW Ultrasonic Cleaner

Special Feature:

It controls the electricity conservation.

Key features:

+ automatic 3 minute cleaning cycle,

+ 42000khz ultrasonic sound waves.


+ durable,

+ digital display.


+ Low efficiency.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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Bottom Line..

Cleaning your diamond ring is not so much difficult. You can get the sparkling forever if you clean it regularly. Handle the diamond smooth and do not clean it daily. You can try these above listed methods to get back your sparkled diamond. There are still more diamond cleaners available in the market. You can select the best one by reviewing this product features and specifications.

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