How To Clean Gold Jewelry At Home?

Jewelry makes you more beautiful and gorgeous. It’s rare to see the women those who dislike the jewel. Gold jewels are affordable than other jewels such as diamond and platinum. When you enter into the jewel shop to buy the gold ring I’m sure you will come out with some other gold jewel. Because it will tempt to buy more.

Infogrophics for Cleaning Jewelry at Home:

How To Clean Gold Jewelry At Home?

Have you ever tried to clean your gold jewelry?

After purchasing gold it can be easily affected by the dust and dirt from the environment. It will get dull within the year if you do not maintain properly. Maintaining the gold is important. You can not get the brightness if you simply washing the gold with water. But at the same time you don’t special jewellery cleaner for effective cleaning.

Can believe this if I would say you can clean it with normal household items? Yes! You can use some of the following household items to clean your gold jewelry.

Below YouTube video has been explaining about how to clean gold jewelry at home.

1) Cleaning with Beer

Do you know you can clean your jewels with beer?Yes! It’s possible!

Cleaning with Beer

For this method, you will need One cup of beer. Take the beer in a bowl and soak your gold jewel for 15- 30 minutes. After 30 minutes take the gold jewel and scrub it with the toothbrush. Now you can get back your brighter gold jewel.

2) Cleaning with Soda

Soda has the ability to make the metal brighter. Talk some soda in a bowl and add the pinch of salt. Now you can soak your gold for certain time and scrub it for few minutes to removes the residues. You can see the changes in your gold.

3) Cleaning with Ketchup

Yes! You have read correctly! Take some ketchup in a bowl and soak your ring inside of it. After sometimes take it outside and scrub with the toothbrush. Finally. clean it with the lukewarm water.

4) Cleaning by Toothpaste

You will be wondering if you clean your gold jewelry with toothpaste. Take some paste on your brush and scrub it gently on your gold jewel. It will remove the dust from the jewel. Clean it with warm water to remove the toothpaste residue.

5) Cleaning by Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is the citric acid that has the ability to remove the dullness of the metal. To prepare the vinegar solution you need some warm water and two teaspoon vinegar.  Soak your gold jewelry in the solution and clean it with the toothbrush. Now you can get the brighter gold.

6) Cleaning with Vodka

Vodka can clean any kind of glass and metal. It will remove the dullness of the metal and get back the original brightness. To prepare the solution take some vodka in a bowl and soak your gold jewelry for 30 minutes. It is the best choice for cleaning crystal gemstone.

7) Cleaning with Ammonia solution

Brighten you gold jewel by using ammonia solution. To prepare this solution take lukewarm water in a cup and add 10 ml ammonia acid. Now dip your gold jewel for certain time period. You can see the brighter gold without any dullness.

8) Clean with Alka-Seltzer

Alka-Seltzer is a capsule that cures a headache, stomach upset, and acidity. Take two capsules and put it into the hot water. It will react with the hot water and bring the cleaning solution. Now you can soak your jewelry to remove the dullness.

9) Gold Jewelry Cleaner

You can go with jewelry cleaners if you need a professional cleaning. Jewelry cleaners are electronics equipment that works with the manual control option. It does not require any jewelry cleaner knowledge to use it. With the hundreds of gold jewelry cleaner, I have sorted out the best gold jewel cleaner here, that may help you for your quick decision making.

9.1) Generic Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner

Generic Sonic Wave CD-2800  Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner provides the professional cleaning experience. It cleans the dirty gold jewelry, with tap water. It has the ability to produce 42000 Hz ultrasonic waves on the water for powerful cleaning. It does not make any harm to your gold.

It comes with the 600ml capacity water tank. It contains small holed basket that can be dipped in the water. You can put your gold jewels inside the basket and Turn ON the cleaner. And simply turn OFF it after certain time period.


  • Compact and portable.
  • 600 ml capacity tank helps you to clean your maximum jewels at a time.
Our #1 Pick:Generic Sonic Wave Jewelry cleaner

Special Feature:

It has 60 ml capacity of storage.

Key features:

+ 60 ml capacity,

+ 42000 cycle ultrasonic enerhy wave.


+ professional cleaning,

+ keep more jewels.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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9.2)  Mikayoo Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaning Machine

Mikayoo  Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaner produces 40,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for excellent cleaning. It does not damage your valuables.  It comes with the vacuum cleaning that perfectly cleans the jewel.

It features with 5 level of time setting that allows you to set the time from 90, 180, 300, 480 & 600 seconds. It comes with the automatic shut-off option. When it reaches the time level it will shut OFF automatically. The blue with white color combination gives the attractive look and it comes with 600 ml tank capacity.

The inside tank is made of stainless steel. It assures the professional cleaning experience every time. The body of the product finished with the advanced Moisture-proofed PCB that assures the durable and safe use.


  • 5 level time setting allows you to set the time based on the jewel quantity.
  • Automatic shut off ensures the electricity conservation.
Our #2 Pick:Mikayoo Ultrasonic Jewelry cleaning Machine

Special Feature:

It has five level time setting.

Key features:

+ 40,000Hz ultrasonic sound wave,

+ 5 preset cleaning system.


+ moisture proof,

+ durable.


+ Poor design.

Our Rating: [usr 4.2 size=20]

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9.3) Blitz 906 Ultra Jewelry Cleaning Machine

Blitz 906 is the dual mode jewelry cleaner that performs both cleaning and rinsing. This compact design comes with the dual tank for cleaning and rinsing respectively. It features with the dual speed mode that performs two-level operation.

If you want clean gentle then you can set to one mode and if you want to clean vigorous then you can set to another mode. It contains baskets to hold the jewels and brush to scrub it. This non-toxic design is eco-friendly. It designed with the measure of 7.2 x 5.2 x 7.2 inches assures the portability.


  • Dual speed mode performs both gentle and vigorous cleaning process.
  • It provides both cleaning and rinsing option.
Our #3 Pick:Blitz 906 Ultra Jewelry Cleaning Machine

Special Feature:

It has dual speed cleaning process.

Key features:

+ two level operation,

+ cleaning and rinsing option.


+ non-toxic,

+ two tanks.


+ performance degrade after number of uses.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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Bottom Line

Wearing gold with dullness will make you dull. Clean your gold jewelry in the home itself to get the brighter jewels. These are all the best gold jewel cleaners that are used widely. Lof of products available in the market. You can also check my site to get the relevant articles

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