How to Clean your Wedding Rings at Home?

Wedding rings get grime and dirt as they are worn entirely in your fingers, regular cleaning of any luxury jewelry or weddings rings are essential to staying for an extended period. Most of them love to take care of the jewelry, and therefore they make their luxury jewels to the shop to treat them professional for the longevity and to shine like a new one.

How to Clean your Wedding Rings

There are many steps to clean these precious wedding rings and other jewelry at your home itself for getting a new shine and stunning look; you need not spend more for cleaning too if you are going to clean it on your home rather than taking them to shops and wasting money and time.

Types of Cleaning methods you can try at your Home

There is a different type of cleaning methods available for cleaning the jewelry at home in the market, we are going to check out some of the cleaning methods you can try out to keep your engagement, wedding rings and other precious jewelry clean and look new brand with ease.

Soap Sud Jewelry Cleaning

The method is considered to be the more natural and secure method by most of them; you just need to pour hot water in considerable amount into a glass along with the liquid detergent. With the help of a toothbrush, you need to brush your wedding or engagement ring by dipping into the water.

To get rid of the grime and dirt in depth, you need to make sure your hair of the toothbrush receives stabbed over the small opening. Repeat the process too many times until you get the sine and new brand look. Cover the sinkhole before you start brushing as there are chances for the engagement rings to fall into the hole. Get rid of the soap suds by rinsing the ring into the hot water and then dry it with the help of clean towel or tissue.

Methylated Spirits Jewelry Cleaning

The method is considered to be the practical method of cleaning any diamond or gold rings or other precious jewelry. You need the methylated spirits to clean the items, hold them for fifteen or twenty seconds by placing the jewels into a small container or glass and then shake it for about 20 seconds.

You can see the magic when you take the jewels or ring from the spirit, wipe off the rings with a clean towel to examine the effectiveness of the methylated spirit. The brightness of the material gets restored and also bring back its original shine when you bought at the starting stage. With the help of the liquid detergent or soap, you can get rid off the haze effect over your jewel.

How can Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine clean your Wedding rings at home?

For the person who is not satisfied with the procedures above, you can try out getting the best ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning your different type of jewel with ease. The ultrasonic cleaning machine helps to clean the grime and dirt from your ring within few minutes; professional jewelry stones mostly use these machines.

Getting the best ultrasonic cleaning machine is the critical step to enjoy the complete benefit of it. Once you have picked the right ultrasonic device, you can follow the below procedure for cleaning your engagement rings.

Procedure for clearing your jewels with ultrasonic machine

Proceed below to find the steps in cleaning your jewels with the efficient ultrasonic cleaning machine.

  • Fill the machine with water and detergent.
  • You can find a metal cup which indulges soap and water inside for cleaning the jewels.
  • There is few machine that does not include a metal cup; you need to follow the manual in that case.
  • Most of the machines without metal cup need to be filled with the perfect level of cleaning solution.
  • Submerge the wedding ring and another jewel inside the cleaner and begin the cleaning process.
  • There is timer settings option available in some of the machines so that you can make use of it while cleaning your precious jewels.
  • Now, take the jewel from the machine and wipe it with a tissue or clean towel to check back the shining appearance as a new brand.

Bottom Line

Hope the above guide and steps for cleaning your precious wedding rings and other luxurious jewel items will help you to keep your jewels shine and stay with you for an extended period.

Any ideas, suggestions, and queries on the topic are welcome.

Do you have any other tips for cleaning your favorite wedding or engagement rings at your home? If so, share with us through the comment section below.

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